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Newict has an umbrella of factories with different areas of technical capabilities to meet all your manufacturing and engineering needs. With more than 23 years of engineering services and manufacturing support experience, we can help you manufacture quality products.

 Engineering & Manufacturing Specialist

 Your Interface With Factories In Different Areas Of Capabilities

 Small to Big Volume Manufacturing

 Prototype Development & Testing

Newict is well placed to cater to your needs for the new millenium

Our Services

Test & Manufacturing Planning

      We are equipped with latest designing tools to meet your needs

                PCB design and panelization ready for manufacturing 

                Engineering prototyping for testing and verification


We have more than 23 years of experience in designing various types of products. Successfully opened in excess of 200++ moulds for plastic injection and silicon rubber compression moulding.

We have factories with high technology lines especially in SMT production and we fully integrated to handle any project while utilizing modern machine modes, to ensure accurate insertion and high quality

Producing high density output and complete engineering capabilities

3D Mechanical Design

3D modeling and mock up samples

Coordinate with tool maker during tooling fabrication and coordinate with production to set up Standard Operating Procedure

Tools & Moulds

Various series of mould equipment with advance capabilites to deliver the best quality and efficiency for our customers, as well as high precision requirement. Mould making equipment & fabrication

Plastic Injection

  • 1-stop center with all the plastic injection services
  • Different tonnage of injection machines
  • Silk screen printing, tampography, paint spraying and laser marking

Mobile Apps Development iOS, Android & API


We handle all your logistics needs and ship directly to your destination choice

Newict's Background


Formerly known as Intelligent Control Technology (M) Sdn Bhd. Formed to provide consultancy services in microcontroller applications, consumer product design and manufacturing support


Intelligent Control Technology ventured into the realm of intelligent home product design


Released its first generation of multi media intelligent home series that truly enhances the experience of total control for audiophiles and movie buffs. Thus, giving them total control of their audio equipment, home theatre system, TV, satellites, air-conditioning, ventilation and even their lighting systems at their fingertips. As for the die hard romantics, the intelligent home series provide them with the means to create an ambience of romance. Imagine the soft lighting dim to the level of your choice, the nice and cooling whisper of the air conditioning gently blowing, and of course the soft background music. Ahem!! I will leave the remaining to your imagination. Wild ! Romantic! Or sexy? Well, that's your choice.


Upon receiving MSC Status, Intelligent Control Technology (M) Sdn Bhd was restructured as Newict(M) Sdn Bhd for Research & Development (R&D) activities and Senzo Sdn Bhd for sales and marketing activities.
On September, a family of smart switches called Senzo was released. SENZO is a smart switch system with lighting control, lights synchronization with security system, internet connectivity, hand held remotes, PC management software and global access from anywhere in the world. And of course, with the abilities to expand and add more switches or accessories anytime you want


In Q4 (October,November and December), second generation Senzo, called SENZO 2 was released to replace SENZO, which added mobile apps, wireless sensor and energy saving capabilities


Senzo Touch was introduced with touch screen enhancements, in tandem with IoT gateway and cloud server connectivity were also added to support the whole range of Senzo products


Mobile Apps for Android & iOS


IoT Products Enhancement


Energy Saving for Lightings and Smart Parking

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